• Could Based Update to TurningPoint Polling Software​TurningPoint Cloud has been installed in all Technology Classrooms on campus and is now the standard version for clickers supported at University of Maryland.  The functionality of


Faculty: Turning Account/TurningPoint Cloud - Setting Up an "Offline Password"

To use TurningPoint Cloud when you are not connected to the internet, you must set up an offline password. In order to set up an offline password, you must be connected to the Internet. Access Turning Technologies’ instructions for setting up an offline password.

When signed in to TurningPoint Cloud offline, online features (ResponseWare and Integrations) will not be available. Additional questions can be directed to the customer support team at support@turningtechnologies.com or at 866.746.3015.

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New Features for Faculty

Every Instructor who uses TurningPoint Cloud must have a Turning Account (if you used ResponseWare in 2014-15, you should already have one).  Create your free Instructor account at account.turningtechnologies.com.

For more information, click on the Getting Started page under the Faculty section of this web site.  Every student who uses a clicker or ResponseWare also must have a Turning Account, and register that account with ELMS. 

Please direct your students to the Student section of this web site for more information.

New Features for Students

Every student who uses a clicker or ResponseWare must have a Turning Account, beginning with Summer Session I.  The Turning Account is included with the Clicker + ResponseWare bundle now offered at the Bookstore and at the Turning Technologies Online Store. 

Current students who already own a clicker will need to purchase a Turning Account for $19.99 from the Online Store, but can use the rebate offer to receive the full amount back, so that there is no additional cost to current students as we transition to this new version of the TurningPoint software.

For more information on purchasing and receiving the rebate, please click on Student> Getting Started at the top of this page.

Top FAQs

What is an “Unassigned Device”?

These are Device IDs that have not yet been matched up to a student name. Either the student has not yet registered their Turning Account, or your have not updated your Participant List since they registered. Most "Unassigned Devices" disappear after you have updated the Participant List following the directions on page 4 of the ELMS-TurningPoint User Guide. We suggest that you continue to update your Participant List until all students have registered their Turning Accounts (generally through the Add/Drop period). Updating the list ensures you have the most up-to-date registration information.

If you continue to have Unassigned Devices in your sessions into the semester, please remind your students to register their devices at clickers.umd.edu, or to contact Turning technologies at 866.746.3015 or support@turningtechnologies.com if they have questions about their registration.

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How do I check if my clicker has been registered properly?

To check if your clicker has been registered properly, log in to your Turning Account. On the dashboard screen, you should see “URL:https://umd.turningtechnologies.com/ - ” underneath “Learning  Management System Links,” which indicates you have linked your Turning Account to ELMS.  Next, click on “Devices” on the left side of the screen; the next display will show any clickers you have registered, as well as the ResponseWare Device ID included with your Turning Account listed at the top of the screen. If you need to add a clicker, use the “Add” button to enter the new Device ID. Your professor may need to update their participant list if you recently registered, so you may want to let them know you had added a new Device ID to your account.

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Why won't my exported session data appear in the ELMS grade book?

Check to see that the assignment is published and not muted. We have created step-by-step directions for downloading TurningPoint Cloud session data into your ELMS (powered by Canvas) gradebook. Download the directions here.

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What clickers are supported by the University?

The University of Maryland College Park supports the TurningPoint Cloud personal response system in our Technology Classrooms. TurningPoint Cloud shifts TurningPoint functionality to a cloud-based interface tied to a Turning Account. A Turning Account one-year license is issued with new clicker purchases for students. A ResponseWare license is also included with a Turning Account license, so that students can now have both a physical clicker and ResponseWare license for the same price.

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I have a ResponseWare license, but I don't know my Turning Account information. Where can I find it?

If you forgot your Turning Account information, go to account.turningtechnologies.com and click the “Forgot your password?” link. A password reset link will be sent to you.

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