• Could Based Update to TurningPoint Polling Software​TurningPoint Cloud has been installed in all Technology Classrooms on campus and is now the standard version for clickers supported at University of Maryland.  The functionality of


Faculty: Turning Account/TurningPoint Cloud - Setting Up an "Offline Password"

To use TurningPoint Cloud when you are not connected to the internet, you must set up an offline password. In order to set up an offline password, you must be connected to the Internet. Access Turning Technologies’ instructions for setting up an offline password.

When signed in to TurningPoint Cloud offline, online features (ResponseWare and Integrations) will not be available. Additional questions can be directed to the customer support team at support@turningtechnologies.com or at 866.746.3015.

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New Features for Faculty

Every Instructor who uses TurningPoint Cloud must have a Turning Account (if you used ResponseWare in 2014-15, you should already have one).  Create your free Instructor account at account.turningtechnologies.com.

For more information, click on the Getting Started page under the Faculty section of this web site.  Every student who uses a clicker or ResponseWare also must have a Turning Account, and register that account with ELMS. 

Please direct your students to the Student section of this web site for more information.

New Features for Students

Every student who uses a clicker or ResponseWare must have a Turning Account, beginning with Summer Session I.  The Turning Account is included with the Clicker + ResponseWare bundle now offered at the Bookstore and at the Turning Technologies Online Store. 

Current students who already own a clicker will need to purchase a Turning Account for $19.99 from the Online Store, but can use the rebate offer to receive the full amount back, so that there is no additional cost to current students as we transition to this new version of the TurningPoint software.

For more information on purchasing and receiving the rebate, please click on Student> Getting Started at the top of this page.

Top FAQs

How do I change the channel?

Press the channel button, enter the number of the channel you want to switch to, and then press channel again. If it switches successfully, the light will glow green for a moment and whenever you press a button to respond the channel number will be displayed on the top of the screen in a small font. On older clickers that don’t have screens, the channel button may instead be called GO. (Note: if the channel is one digit, enter a 0 first. For example, for channel 3 enter 03.)

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Why aren’t the buttons on my clicker working?

If the clicker’s light does not blink when you press buttons, the batteries are probably dead. The average life of these batteries is 6-12 months. New batteries (two coin cell CR2032 (3.0V) lithium batteries) can be purchased at the bookstore or most drug stores. If changing the batteries does not resolve the issue, or you have any other issue with your clicker, you can bring it to the DIT helpdesk on the first floor of the McKeldin Library to be tested.

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I already have a clicker, why do I have to buy a Turning Account?

The Turning Account is required for use with TurningPoint Cloud, which the campus is upgrading to in Summer 2015. Although you must purchase a Turning Account, Turning Technologies has agreed to offer a rebate for the full purchase price to current students. To get the rebate, go to rebates.turningtechnologies.com and enter Rebate Code Rumcp19.

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I have a ResponseWare license, but I don't know my Turning Account information. Where can I find it?

If you forgot your Turning Account information, go to account.turningtechnologies.com and click the “Forgot your password?” link. A password reset link will be sent to you.

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What is ResponseWare?

ResponseWare allows students to respond to your polling session using their web enabled device (smartphone, laptop, iPad, etc.). More information is available in the ResponseWare page of the Faculty section of this web site. When you log into ResponseWare from the TurningPoint Cloud dashboard,  you can set up a customized Session ID for these students to log in to your sessions. More information can be found at the Turning Technologies web site and by downloading the “Quick Start Users Guide for ResponseWare” from our User Guides page.

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